Manual Playlists

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.5)

Manual playlists are playlists that play an exact sequence of songs. A song list must first be set up beforehand using the Edit Song Lists selection in the main menu. After creating a song list, start Playlist Management from the main menu. Load the playlist with the same name as the song list that was created.

The first selection is the name of the song list.

The second selection box has two selections: From Start and Resume From Last.

From Start will play the manual playlist from the first song.

Resume From Last will play the manual playlist from where it last stopped. Resume From Last is used when a portion of the manual playlist has been played and playback should be resumed from its last position.

The maximum play time per dance can also be changed. Enter the play time in the Max Play Time field for the dance. The selection, count, low BPM and high BPM have no effect for manual playlists.

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