Sequenced Playlists

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.5)

A sequenced playlist uses a sequence of dances to control which dances are played. The sequence is repeated once the end of the sequence is reached. A sequence is created by using the Edit Sequence selection on the main menu.

Select Playlist Management from the main menu. Load the playlist with the same name as the sequence you created.

The first selection is the name of the sequence to use.

The second selection box has two selections: From Start and Resume From Last.

From Start will play the sequenced playlist from the first song.

Resume From Last will play the sequenced playlist from where it last stopped. Resume From Last is used when a portion of the sequenced playlist has been played and playback should be resumed from its last position.

The Dance Rating selection allows songs rated the same as the selection or better to play. If BallroomDJ should choose from all songs, select a dance rating of Poor. If only the best should be played, select Great.

When the Unrated OK? selection is set to yes, unrated songs will also be selected to play.

Level selects the song levels that are allowed.

Allowed Keywords allows songs with the specified keywords to be played. This is useful for seasonal music, or different audiences. For example, if allowed keywords is set to Christmas, any songs with a keyword set to Christmas would not be filtered out and would be allowed to play. Playing for a less advanced dance audience might use an allowed keyword of Beginning. More than one keyword may be specified by separating the words with spaces or commas.

Required Keywords requires songs with the specified keywords to play. Songs without one of the keywords specified will not play. More than one keyword may be specified by separating the words with spaces or commas.

The maximum play time per dance can also be changed. Enter the maximum play time in the Max Play Time field. The song selected can also be filtered by entering the Low BPM and High BPM fields. Note that your songs in the database must be have a BPM set for this to work. The selection and count fields are not used for sequenced playlists.

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