Quick Play

(Updated 2017-3; BallroomDJ version 3.8.1)

Quick Play is an optional configuration. It is used for quick startup of playlists or playing by dance.

User Interface Changes

1) A new button, Quick Play, is added to the main menu.

Enabling Quick Play

To enable quick play, selection Configuration from the main menu, select Options, and select the User Interface tab. Turn on Enable Quick Play.

To have the quick play dialog display on startup, turn on Show Quick Play at Start.

You must exit and restart BallroomDJ to see the changes to the main menu.

Using the Quick Play dialog

There are three choices, playing a dance (two methods) or playing a playlist.

Select a dance and select the associated Play button. A selection of sixty random songs for that dance will start playing. If an automatic playlist named Quick Play is created, it will be used instead of the default playlist configuration.

If you want to choose the songs to play for the dance, select the Select & Play button. The music manager will display in competition mode with the dance pre-selected. Select the song(s) to play and select the Play button in the music manager.

The third option is to select a playlist and select the associated Play button.

Main Menu

Quick Play

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