Configuring a Ramdisk for Windows

A free ramdisk program is available here: ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver

Download the current stable version and install it.

BallroomDJ includes sample ImDisk startup scripts. These scripts assign the ramdisk to drive M: and sets the ramdisk to a size of 250 megabytes.


imdiskawe.bat is used on 32-bit machines with more than three gigabytes of memory. Otherwise use the imdisk.bat script.

On a 32-bit machine with more than three gigabytes of memory, first start up a cmd.exe window, and enter:

sc config awealloc start= system

The following instructions are for older Windows systems. Windows 10 is more complicated.

Right click on the Start button and select Explore. This will select your Start Menu folder. Select Programs and then Startup.

Copy the windows\imdisk.bat or windows\imdiskawe.bat to the Startup folder.

Reboot your system.

Start BallroomDJ, and in Configuration / Options / Folders, set the temporary folder to M:\.

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