Edit Song Lists

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.4)

Song lists are used to create manual playlists. A song list represents and exact sequence of songs to play. Select Edit Song Lists from the main menu. When the file dialog displays, select and= existing song list to load or select New Song List to start editing a new song list.

In the Song Selection tab, select the songs to add to the song list and select the Select button.

Use the Move Up, Remove and Move Down keys to adjust the song list to your liking. The up and down keys will also move the selected song. The Move Up or Move Down buttons will repeat if held down.

The Swap button will swap the previous selection and the current selection.

The Play button can be used to play the selected song.

The Edit button will edit the current selection. The Edit All button will edit all of the songs in the song list.

The Previous and Current buttons will move to the previous and current selections respectively.

The histogram at the bottom displays how many songs of each dance are in the song list. The drop-down selection box can be used to adjust how many hours of play time the histogram will process.

The Undo and Redo menu selections are used to undo and redo changes to the song list.

The Edit menu is used to load a new song list, start a new song list, create a copy of the song list or to discard all changes.

Sorting the Display

The headers can be selected to display a different sort order.

When sorted by dance, the Move Up, Move Down buttons will swap the songs within the sorted dance display.

Song List Selection

In the song selection tab, the Select button will add selected songs to the song list after the currently selected song in the song list.

The Select Song List button can be used to display a list of the songs that are currently in the song list. Songs can also be played or edited from the song list selection window.

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