Exporting Song Lists

(Updated 2016-8; BallroomDJ version 3.1.9)

Song lists can be exported as: CSV (comma separated values) file, suitable for importing into a spreadsheet or word processor table; HTML: a simple html table suitable for printing; and M3U/M3U8: a list of audio files suitable for import into other multimedia and CD burning programs (M3U8 is UTF-8 compliant).

Select Edit Song Lists from the main menu, and select a song list to load. Now select the Export menu selection, then select the type of export you wish to do. Enter the filename for the export and save. By default, the exported file will be saved in the temporary directory configured in the options, but the save location can be changed in the file dialog.

See Exporting for BallroomDJ for information on exporting for BallroomDJ.

Song Lists

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