Importing a M3U as a Song List

(Updated 2016-11; BallroomDJ version 3.3.7)

Import M3U

To import a M3U (playlist), first, open the song list editor. Select the Import -> Import M3U menu selection.

Select the M3U (playlist) file to import. The Copy Music Files checkbox indicates whether the the audio files will be copied to the BallroomDJ music folder. If the audio file is already present in BallroomDJ, it will not be overwritten.

Set the Song List Name to the name the imported song list should be saved as and select Check Import.

Import M3U

The Import Prefix field will be populated with the path prefix determined from the M3U file. The import prefix is removed from the audio file path names during the import.

Depending on the paths in the M3U file, sometimes the import prefix is too long. E.g. if all of the path names in the M3U file have the same genre, the import prefix might include the genre (e.g. E:\Music\New Age), whereas the correct import prefix would not include the genre (E:\Music).

At this time, the Import Prefix should be verified and adjusted if necessary.

Select the Import button to start import processing.

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