Song List Editor Menus

(Updated 2017-6; BallroomDJ version 3.10.5)

The Song List Editor is used to create an exact sequence of songs.

Song List Editor.

The Edit menu has options to work with different song lists.

Load will load a new song list. Select an existing song list in the load dialog or select the New Song List button to start a new song list.

Start New Song List will clear the song list. Enter the name of the new song list and press Enter.

Create Copy will create a copy of the current song list. The song list editor will load the new copy.

Discard Changes will discard all changes that have been made to the song list. This is the same as selecting the Undo menu selection until there is nothing left to undo.

Song List Editor.

The Actions menu contains actions used to adjust the song list.

Mix will mix the entire song list according to BallroomDJ's automatic dance selection process.

Shuffle will do a random shuffle of the selected songs. No rules are used and the shuffle is completely random. Select the start song, select the end song, then select Actions -> Shuffle.

Spread will spread the selected songs out within the entire song list. The spread is somewhat random. Select the start song, select the end song, then select Actions -> Spread.

Truncate will truncate the song list. Select the start song, then select Actions -> Truncate.

Song List Editor

Export exports the song list. See:
Exporting Song Lists
Exporting for BallroomDJ

Song List Editor

Import imports an M3U file as a song list. See:
Importing a M3U as a Song List
Importing from BallroomDJ

Song List Editor

Hide main menu on start will automatically hide the main menu when the song list editor is started, giving more space to display the song information.

Play switches to player if on, when the Play button is selected, the display will switch to the player tab.

View Dance Counts turns the dance count display at the bottom of the song list editor tab on and off.

Options -> Display Columns allows the display columns to be changed. See:
Changing Display Columns

Undo and Redo are used to undo or redo changes to the song list.

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