Tracking Song Status

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.5)

Status is an optional configuration. It is used to track the status of a song and can control playback in automatic and sequenced playlists.

Before a song can be used in a ballroom setting, it may need to be have it's length, speed and volume adjusted. The status field in BallroomDJ can be used to help manage your audio files.

User Interface Changes

1) A new button, Edit Status, is added to the configuration menu.

2) A new selection, Use Status, is added to the playlist management automatic and sequenced playlists.

3) The music manager has status available as a display option. The status display will be a drop-down selection.

Enabling the Status Field

To enable the status field, select Configuration / Options / User Interface. Turn on Enable Status Tracking.

To add the status field to the music manager display, use the Options -> Display Columns menu selection, select the Status checkbox and select Save.

To add the status drop down to the song editor, use the Options -> Field Selection menu selection, select the Status checkbox and select Save. BallroomDJ must be exited and restarted when song editor field selections are changed.

Configuring the Status Field

Edit Status

The Edit Status tab displays the list of currently configured status fields.

The Play? flag indicates whether to play songs that have the associated status set. This flag is used in conjunction with the Use Status? setting in automatic and sequenced playlists.

Select the Add New button to add a new line and enter the status name. Selecting a checkbox next to an entry and then selecting the Add New button will add a new line before the selected entry.

Select the checkbox next to an entry and select the Delete button to delete a status.

In the example, some alternative statuses have been added. Note that none of the example status fields have the Play? checkbox set.

Using the Status Field in a Playlist

Playlist Management

In the playlist management tab, automatic and sequenced playlists can use the status for the song to determine if the song should be played. If Use Status? for the playlist is set to yes, the song's status is set and the Play? checkbox for that status is not set, the song will not be selected for playback.

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