Applying Adjustments to the Audio File

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.5)

Applicable to all songs.

If adjustments (song start, song end, maximum play time and speed adjustment) have been made to a song, the adjustments can be applied to the song and a new audio file created with the adjustments applied.

Adjustments can be applied from the music manager or the song editor using the Apply Adjustments button. The music manager can process adjustments to multiple songs. When using the song editor to apply adjustments, it is easy to see exactly what adjustments are being made.

Music Manager

Song Editor

Before an adjustment is made, the original audio file is copied to the Original Files folder (see: Configuration: Folders). If the audio file is already present in the original files folder, it will not be overwritten.

When using the song editor, any changes to the song will be saved first before the adjustments are made.

The song editor will disable the buttons for any audio file types that are not supported.

Apply adjustments will trim the song using the song start, song end and maximum play time settings and will adjust the speed of the song. The new audio file with the adjustments will be created, the database will be updated, and the audio file tags will be updated if necessary.

When using the music manager to apply changes to multiple songs, be sure you have enough disk space available so that the copies of the original audio files can be saved.

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Subject: Adjusting Song Playback

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