Audio Identification

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.5)

Audio Identification is used to retrieve audio file tags from an online database

Audio Identification is used to retrieve the audio file tags from an online database.

In the default mode of operation, if there is a MusicBrainz recording ID tag in the audio file, the MusicBrainz service is used to fetch the exact match. In addition, an audio fingerprint is used to match the song using the AcoustID service.

In the example below, both services had a match. The MusicBrainz service will retrieve a single match. The AcoustID service may retrieve many matches (in the example, two matches).

In the top section, the first line displays the original tag data from the song. The other lines display the data retrieved from the audio identification services.

Using this example, suppose that you know the audio file came from the "Ballroom Dance Collection: The Waltz (strict tempo)" album. Select this album in the top section.

In the bottom section, the original tags from the audio file are displayed on the left, and the tags from the selection are displayed on the right.

The green change bars underneath each label indicate which tag data will be saved. To change which tag data is saved, simply click on the label or text on the left side to preserve the original tags, or click on the label or text on the right side to select the tag data from the audio identification service.

The Duration display is only for comparison purposes and cannot be changed.

Once you have finished selecting the tag data to be saved, select the Save button.

If you do not wish to change the data at all, select the Next button or close the tab.

If you selected multiple songs in the music manager to edit, the Next and Save buttons will advance to the next song in the music editor and automatically retrieve the audio identification data for the next song.

Clicking on the horizontal grey bar will change whether the top section, bottom section or both sections are displayed.

Audio File Tags

If you have configured Write Song Tags in Configuration / Options / Audio Files to All Tags, the audio file will also be updated with the new tags when the audio identification data is saved.

More Permissive Matching

In Configuration / Options / Global, the Audio Identification Type is set to Exact Only. The Any setting will check the audio identification services as above, and will also try to identify a match based on the tags that are set in the audio file. The Any audio identification type is not very accurate.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Previous Selection: Up

Next Selection: Down

Next: Control-N or Alt-N.

Save: Control-S or Alt-S.

Busy Errors

Both the MusicBrainz and AcoustID services have rate limits in place. There are rate limits for (a) the usage by everyone using the service, (b) the usage by BallroomDJ users, and (c) your personal usage.

If you see "busy errors" in the status message, you can try slowing down how fast you are working (rate (c) above). Otherwise, you may simply have to try a different time of day or a different day entirely.

If you are using the Any setting for the Audio Identification Type, you are more likely to be rate limited for your personal usage.

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