Automatic Playlists

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.5)

Automatic playlists are used to have BallroomDJ choose both the dance and the song

To configure an automatic playlist, first select which dances are to be played. Turn the Hide Unselected checkbox off to display the full list of dances.

Each dance is assigned a count. These values are relative to each other. If Waltz is assigned a count of 20 and Merengue a count of 10, the waltz will play twice as often as the merengue.

Next choose any filters for the automatic playlist. The songs to be played are filtered by these selections.

The Dance Rating is used to select songs with a rating as good as or better than the selected rating. Note that the dance rating weights will change how often particular ratings are selected for playback.

When Unrated Ok? is set to yes, songs that do not yet have a rating will also be selected for playback.

The Level selections will limit the songs for playback to the level range that is selected.

Normally a song that has a keyword set will not be selected for playback. To allow these songs, enter a list of keywords in the Allowed Keywords field.

If the songs to be played should be limited to songs with particular keywords set, enter the keywords in the Required Keywords field.

Each dance can also be filtered by entering a BPM range.

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