Creating a Song List from a Playlist

(Updated 2017-3; BallroomDJ version 3.8.1)

Creating song lists is useful when the songs need to be known ahead of time or fine-tuning is desired.

A song list can be created based on a queue of playlists. The list of songs can then be fine tuned and then used to create a manual playlist. This is useful whenever the song list needs to be known ahead of time, or if you want to adjust the dance order beforehand.

To export a playlist queue to a song list, first select BallroomDJ from the main menu to open the music player. Add the playlists to the playlist queue. In this example, first-half, mixer and second-half have been added. Select the Export menu selection and then select Create Song List.

Playlist Queue

Create Song List

Create song list will open a dialog asking for the time limit. This is a limit on hour many hours and minutes the selected playlists will play. Enter a time (as HH:MM) and select the Export button. Enter a filename and save the new song list.

Exit the BallroomDJ player, then select Edit Song Lists from the main menu. Load the song list that was just saved. The song list can now be modified by adding, removing and rearranging the songs.

Song List Editor

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