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Dance Ratings

(Updated 2016-11; BallroomDJ version 3.3.14)

Dance ratings are used in automatic and sequenced playlists.

Dance ratings can be used as a filter in automatic and sequenced playlists to select only the better songs. They are also used to adjust how song selection is done.


The Edit Ratings selection in the Configuration menu is used to create the dance ratings. By default, BallroomDJ comes with a list with four levels (Poor, Fair, Good, Great). This list can be changed to have as many levels as wanted. The text can also be changed (e.g. OK, Good, Great, Super). If working with iTunes, the ratings list should be changed to "One Star" through "Five Star" (or "Ten Star").

It is important that when changing the dance ratings that the order of the ratings has the worst rating at the top and the best rating at the bottom of the list.

There is also a special dance rating Unrated which applies to any song without a rating.

Playlist Management

Automatic and sequenced playlists can filter on the dance rating. Any songs rated worse than the Dance Rating selection will not be played. If Unrated OK? is set to yes, unrated songs will be played.

Automatic and sequence playlists will use the dance rating weights to select a song. If all the dance rating weights were identical, it would be the same as a completely random selection of songs. If one dance rating weight is twice another (e.g. Great : 20, Poor : 10), then the great songs will, on average, be played twice as often as the poor songs.

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