Exporting for BallroomDJ

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.5)

Audio Files and associated song data can be transferred to another BallroomDJ program

Song List Editor

Exporting for BallroomDJ and Importing from BallroomDJ are executed from the song list editor. If you want to export a playlist, use the Creating a Song List from a Playlist first, then load the new song list and use the Export for BallroomDJ selection.

Exporting for BallroomDJ will export the audio files and the song information (song start, song end, speed adjustments, etc.) stored in the BallroomDJ database. This information can then be imported into another BallroomDJ database.

Start the song list editor, load a song list and select the Export -> Export for BallroomDJ menu selection.

Song List Editor : Export for BallroomDJ

Creating a new empty folder for the export is recommended. Select the folder to export to, and then select the Export button. The audio files will be copied to a Music folder in the export folder, and the necessary data files will be copied to a data folder in the export folder.

See also: Importing from BallroomDJ

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