Exporting Audio Files to Burn to a CD

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Playlist Queue

Exporting audio files for a CD or DVD selects songs from a playlist and applies the speed adjustment, volume adjustment, song start, song end and maximum play time to the songs. New audio files will be created ready to burn to a CD.

To export audio files for a CD, first select the playlists to use and add them to the playlist queue.

Playlist Queue

Select the Export for CD selection in the Export menu.

Export for CD

The Export for CD tab allows the following selections:

Normalize Volume: The volume of the audio file will be normalized (adjusted to a standard volume).

Format: The format of the audio files. These can be one of CD (.wav) for a standard audio CD, MP3, MP3 VBR (variable bit rate), FLAC or OGG Vorbis. The MP3 formats are very slow to process.

Gap at End: The default gap setting and playlist gap settings are not used. This setting will add silence to the end of each song. Burning a standard audio CD usually has a gap already configured. MP3 CDs may not have any gap.

Limits: The Time and Size limits control how much data can be written to the CD or DVD. The Time limit is only used for standard audio CDs with the CD format. All other formats and DVDs use the Size limit. The drop-down selection can be used to select some pre-defined time and size limits, or the time and size limits can be entered manually.

Output Folder: The output folder selects where to write the audio files. Be sure to clean out this folder beforehand.

Cover Page: A cover page will be created with the title and dance for each song. Select HTML or CSV output.

After adjusting the export configuration, select the Export button to start the export process.

The Export for CD process will use the fade time and fade type set in the configuration to determine the end of song processing. If the fade time is set to zero, the song will be trimmed.

Certain audio file types are not supported by SoX and will automatically be converted using the ffmpeg program before the export takes place. This function is not supported for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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