File Manager

(Updated 2016-11; BallroomDJ version 3.3.14)

The file manager is used to manage the BallroomDJ song lists, sequences, playlists, startup files and profiles. It also contains access to the backup utility and the synchronization functions.

File Manager

The file manager will display a list of all song lists, playlists, sequences, startup files and profiles.

To change the displayed selection, select one of the file types or All from the drop-down selection at the top of the screen.

When a file is selected, and All is selected in the drop-down selection, any other files associated with that file are highlighted. In the example, there are 10 files associated with the 'testsetup' song list, of which two are currently visible in the listing.

If the 'testsetup' song list is renamed, all of the associated files will be updated with the new name.

If a BallroomDJ file is missing, the filename is highlighted in red. For example, the 'xyzzy' playlist is missing its associated file (either its song list or sequence).

File Manager

To rename a file, select the file and select the Rename button. Enter the new name and select the Rename button. To cancel the rename, select the Close button.

To delete a file, select the file, then select the Delete button. Select the Undo menu selection to undo a deletion.

If the selected song list, sequence or playlist has a backup file, the Restore File button will become active and selecting it will restore the backup file. The original file will be renamed as the backup, so the Restore Backup button can be selected again to switch the original file back into place.

Creating Backups

To create a backup, select the Backup Functions tab, then select the Create Backup button. Enter to select the folder for the backup and select the Start button.

File Manager

Restoring Backups

To restore a backup, select the Restore Backup button. Select the folder to restore the backup from.

Select the folder to restore the backup to. This will be the BallroomDJ folder that you are restoring to.

Select the location of the music folder if different, and then select the Start button.

Restoring a backup will update the database, song lists and game song list with the selected music folder location.

File Manager


The synchronization function are use to synchronize the BallroomDJ database and audio files between multiple computers. See the Synchronization section of the wiki for more information.

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