Gap Between Songs

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.5)

The gap between songs is used when playing any playlist.

The gap between songs can be set as a default value in the main options, on a per-playlist basis and changed in the player.

When a playlist has a gap configured, the gap only applies to songs in the playlist, and not the gap before and after the playlist. If the default gap is 1.5 and the following playlists are used, then the songs played and the gaps used would be as shown in the table.

First-Halfno gap configured
Waltz Mixer0.0
Second-Halfno gap configured
PlaylistSongGap Used
First-HalfNice Song A
First-HalfNice Song B
Waltz MixerWaltz 1
Waltz MixerWaltz 2
Waltz MixerWaltz 3
Second-HalfNice Song C
Second-HalfNice Song D

To configure the default gap, select the Configuration menu, select the Options menu, and select the Player tab.

Configuration / Options / Player

The playlist for the waltz mixer used in the example shows how to override the default gap. To use the default gap in a playlist, the Gap Between Songs should be blank. Any value entered for the playlist gap will override the default gap.

Playlist Management


When the gap is set in the player, it will override the current gap setting. If the playlist changes, this gap will be reset to the setting configured in the playlist or back to the default setting.

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