(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.5)

Keywords are used in automatic and sequenced playlists and searching for songs

Keywords are set per song and used in automatic and sequenced playlist filters. When a song has a keyword set, the song will not play unless the playlist filter specifically allows or requires that keyword. Some example keywords that might be used are Christmas, Beginning, Linedance or Advanced.

If you want to add a keyword to a song for searching, but do not want it to affect automatic or sequenced song selection, add the keyword to the Tags entry.

To set a keyword on a song, first select Music Manager from the main menu. Select Filter to list the songs. Select the song to edit, then select the Edit button.

Enter the keyword in the Keyword field and select the Save button to save the changes.

Now the keyword can be used as a search term in the music manager.

In playlist management, the keyword can be used in the Allowed Keywords or Required Keywords filter entries. If the keyword is entered into the Allowed Keywords entry, then the songs marked with that keyword will also be included as one of the possible songs to play. If they keyword is entered into the Required Keywords entry, only songs marked with that keyword will play.

If no entry is made into the Allowed Keywords field, any song with a keyword set will not be selected for the associated automatic or sequenced playlist.

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