(Updated 2017-3; BallroomDJ version 3.7.3)

Levels are used in automatic and sequenced playlists and for sorting and searching.

The level of the song can be used as a filter in automatic and sequenced playlists to select easier or more advanced songs.

Configuration / Edit Levels

The Edit Levels selection in the Configuration menu is used to create the levels. By default, BallroomDJ comes with a list with three levels (Easy, Normal, Advanced). This list can be changed to have as many levels as needed. The text can also be changed (e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold).

The levels should be ordered from easiest to most advanced.

Playlist Management

Automatic and sequenced playlists can filter on the level of the song. If the song's assigned level is between the levels selected for the automatic or sequenced playlist will be selected.

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