Manual Playlists

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.5)

Manual playlists are used to play an exact sequence of songs.

Manual playlists play an exact sequence of songs from a song list. If the manual playlist has a stop condition, a second manual playlist can be configured that will start playing the song list where the prior manual playlist stopped.

Edit Song Lists

First a song list must be created to use with the manual playlist. Select Edit Song Lists from the main menu. Select the songs to play in the Music Manager and select the Select button to add the songs to the song list.

The Move Up, Remove and Move Down buttons can be used to adjust the song list to your satisfaction. The Move button will move the previously selected song after the current selection.

As songs are added and removed, the number of songs, dance statistics and total time will be updated.

A manual playlist with the same name will automatically be created.

Select Playlist Management in the main menu. Select the name of the playlist to load and select the Load button.

The playlist settings can be changed.

To create a copy of the playlist that will resume from the last song played, first select the Edit -> Create Copy menu selection and enter the name of the new playlist. Then select Resume From Last in the second drop-down list.

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