Moving BallroomDJ to Another Computer

(Updated 2016-11; BallroomDJ version 3.3.14)

Step 1:

Copy your audio files from the source computer to the target computer.

Step 2:

Create a backup of your BallroomDJ files on the source computer. Select File Manager from the main menu, select the Backup Functions tab and select the Create Backup button. Back up your files to a USB flash drive, external or networked drive.

File Manager / Backup Functions / Create Backup

Step 3: On the target computer, select File Manager, the Backup Functions tab, then the Restore Backup function.

File Manager / Backup Functions / Restore Backup

Restore Files From is set to the folder where the backup from the source computer is located.

Restore Files To is set to the BallroomDJ folder where the BallroomDJ files should be restored to.

Music Folder is set to the new location of the music folder.

Select Start to start the restore.

Once the restore is complete, exit BallroomDJ completely, and restart it. Go to Configuration / Options / Folders and check the folder locations and make sure they are correct.

See also: Exporting for BallroomDJ and Importing from BallroomDJ

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