Profile Specifics

(Updated 2017-7; BallroomDJ version 3.13.5)

This information is subject to change and may not be up to date

The various options available in BallroomDJ may apply globally to all profiles, may apply only to a particular profile, or may be set on a per-machine basis (for networked configurations or mobile configurations).

When a new profile is created, the settings from the parent profile are inherited.

If a non-global option is changed, you will need to check that option in the other profiles and on other machines.


Global: A global option is applied for all profiles and for all machines.

Profile: A profile option is specific to the particular profile that has been selected.

Machine: An option that is saved on a per-machine basis.

Machine/Profile: An option that is saved on a per-machine, per-profile basis.


GlobalAuto Organize
GlobalChange Spaces to Underscores
GlobalVarious Artist Folder
GlobalStandard Path
GlobalVarious Artist Path
GlobalClassical Path
GlobalClassical Various Artist Path


MachineMusic Folder
The music folder is specified on a per-machine basis since in a networked configuration, the location of the music folder may be different. BallroomDJ does not support using multiple music folders. To use multiple music folders, a second installation of BallroomDJ must be made.
MachineTemporary Files
MachineDeleted Files
MachineArchived Files
MachineOriginal Files
MachineImage Folder

Audio Files

GlobalWrite Song Tags
GlobalDatabase Loads Dance From Genre

User Interface

Machine/ProfileUser Interface Font and Font Size
Different machines may not have the same font installed.
Machine/ProfileFixed Width Font
Machine/ProfileCheckbox Font Size
Machine/ProfileListing Font Size
GlobalNative File Dialogs
GlobalStart Maximized
GlobalEnable Album Display
GlobalEnable Classical Music
GlobalEnable BPM Display
GlobalEnable Status Tracking
ProfileEnable Analog Clock
ProfileEnable New Years Countdown
GlobalEnable Image Display
ProfileEnable Quick Play
ProfileShow Quick Play At Start


Machine/ProfileMarquee Font
Machine/ProfileDance Font
Machine/ProfileDance Font Size Multiplier
Machine/ProfileMarquee Clock Font Size
ProfilePaused Message
ProfileCompletion Message
ProfileQueue Length
ProfileDance Display
ProfileShow Countdown Timer
ProfileProgress Bar
ProfileProgress Bar Color
ProfileShow Artist
ProfileShow Title
ProfileShow Buttons


MachineAudio Output
Machine/ProfilePlayer Options
Machine/ProfileStartup Script
Machine/ProfileShutdown Script
ProfileDefault Volume
ProfileFade In Time
ProfileFade Out Time
ProfileFade Type
ProfileGap Between Songs
ProfileMaximum Play Time
GlobalQueue Length
ProfileQueue Name


ProfileProfile Name
ProfileStartup Files Play Automatically
MachineAllow Editing of Songs
GlobalEnable iTunes Support
GlobalRunning from a Memory Stick
MachineComputer Speed
ProfileDebug Level
ProfileEnable Debugging

Web Server

ProfileEnable Web Server
ProfileWeb User ID
ProfileWeb Password
ProfileWeb Port Number

UI Colors

ProfileField Background
ProfileChanged Field
ProfileDisabled Fields
ProfileEdit Filename Background
ProfileEdit Filename Link
ProfileSelected Tab Text
ProfileSong List Current Highlight
ProfileSong List Previous Highlight
ProfileMusic Manager Mark
ProfileQuicksave Border
ProfileTree Widget Background
ProfileTooltip Background
ProfileTooltip Border
ProfileTooltip Text
ProfileImage Display Background
ProfileFile Manager: Current
ProfileFile Manager: Associated
ProfileFile Manager: Missing

Marquee Colors

ProfileMarquee Background
ProfileCurrent Dance
ProfileCountdown Timer
ProfileDance List
ProfilePause/Completion Message
ProfileActive Button
ProfileButton Text
ProfileActive Button Text
ProfileDisabled Button Text
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