(Updated 2017-7; BallroomDJ version 3.13.4)

Profiles are useful for saving different configurations for teaching, dance parties, competitions and showcases

Configuration / Options / Global

Main Menu

To set up a second profile, start BallroomDJ, open the Select Profile menu, then the Create New Profile menu selection.

Now select a profile to work with. Open the Select Profile menu, then select the profile from the list.

Select Configuration / Options / Global to change the profile name.

It is also recommended that the background color be changed (in Configuration / Options / User Interface Colors) so that the different profiles can be distinguished from each other.

The Select Profile menu will not change profiles if the player, music manager or song editor are running.

Multiple copies of BallroomDJ can be run at one time. Each copy of BallroomDJ will use a different profile.

Be sure to use the Pause Each Song toggle or be very careful about which player is playing so that only one player is playing at a time.

If one player is playing and a song in the second player is started, the first player's song will be stopped and the second player's song started.

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