Quick Save

(Updated 2016-8; BallroomDJ version 3.1.9)

Quick Save is available in the music player and on the marquee if the marquee buttons are enabled


The quick save menu can be used in the music player to save rating, volume and speed adjustments without starting the song editor for the song.

Select the Quick Save button to display the quick save menu. Change the rating and select Save Rating to save the rating.

Set Base Volume will set the base volume. This is the default volume level that the Save Volume button will use to determine the volume adjustment to save.

Save Volume will save the volume adjustment for the song based on the current volume and the base volume. If the Set Base Volume button has not been used, the base volume is the default volume for the player.

Save Speed will save the speed adjustment for the song based on the current speed.

Player : Marquee

When the Quick Save menu is selected from the marquee button, a volume adjustment slider and speed adjustment slider will be available to make adjustments before the volume or speed are saved.

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