Raffle Games

(Updated 2017-7; BallroomDJ version 3.13.4)


There are seven raffle games available. Bounce bounces the balls higher and higher until one enters the target area. Bump saves the last ball to enter the target area and also lasers others outside the target. Capture destroys the losing balls until only one is left. Growth bounces the balls around and the ball that gets hit the most will win. Laser destroys the balls until only one is left. Simple is very fast and only picks a number without any game action. Virus spreads a virus amongst the balls until only one is left.

The Bounce, Growth and Virus games use significantly more processing power, so these games select 50 balls from the selected range before starting the game, so not all numbers will be show up in the selection of 50 balls.

Select the game to play, the starting raffle number and the ending raffle number. If the starting raffle number is greater than the ending raffle number, the raffle numbers will be rolled over at the Rollover value. e.g. A starting number of 985 and an ending number of 12 will create numbers from 985-999 and 0-12.

The special song list "Raffle Songs" may be created. A random song from this song list will be chosen to play during the raffle game.

All of the games start in a similar fashion. Enter the starting and ending raffle numbers, then select the Go button. The raffle screen will be maximized to the screen size, and the game will start. After the game has finished, select Continue to select another number (previously selected numbers will be removed), or select Close to exit the game.

The left mouse button will also continue the game. The right mouse button will exit the game.







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