Startup Files

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.5)

Startup Files are relevant to all BallroomDJ configurations

Startup files allow quick startup of pre-selected playlists. This is useful when the same set of playlists is used over and over again or when BallroomDJ must be operated by a user who has not been trained in its use yet.

Playlist Queue

Playlist Queue

To create a startup file, first select the BallroomDJ music player from the main menu. In the playlist management tab, choose the playlists to be played and add them to the playlist queue.

Now select the Export menu selection, then Create Startup File. Enter a filename, and save the file.

To use a startup file, use the file browser to navigate to the BallroomDJ\startup folder ($HOME/Library/Application Support/BallroomDJ/startup on Mac OS X), and double click the startup file to execute it. BallroomDJ will start, the music player will start, the pre-selected playlists will load, and the music will start playing.

Configuration / Options / Global

If you want the fast startup, but don't want the music to start playing select Configuration in the main menu, select Options, then the Global tab. Turn Startup Files Play Automatically off.

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