(Updated 2017-12; BallroomDJ version 3.18.0)


(The update function is broken up to version 3.18.0, should be working again starting with version 3.18.0)

The Update function will check for new updates to BallroomDJ that are marked as stable.

If a new stable update is available, BallroomDJ will automatically download the files necessary to install the new version.

Once the download is complete, a complete backup of your current version and your data files is made.

After the download and the backup are complete, the Install button will activate.

To install the new version, select the Install button. The new version will be installed and BallroomDJ will restart.

The Restore button is used to restore a backup made by the update process. Select the Restore button to start the restore process. Select the version to restore, then select the Restore button in the restore BallroomDJ dialog window.

When a backup is restored, the data files are not restored. If you also want to restore the data files, use the file manager's restore backup function and specify the autoupdate\backup\version folder.

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