Volume Adjustments

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.5)

Volume adjustments apply to all songs in all types of playlists

For the context of this article, volume adjustments refer to setting the volume of a song so that it plays louder or softer than the currently set volume. The volume adjustment for a song is changed in the song editor or by using the Quick Save menu.


To use the Quick Save menu with a currently playing song, the base volume should be set beforehand. When the volume is playing at a normal level, select the Quick Save button, then select the Set Base Volume button.

To save the volume adjustment for the currently playing song, set the volume to its proper level. Select the Quick Save button, then select the Save Volume button. The volume adjustment will be saved for the song based on the base volume that was set earlier. If the base volume was not set, the default volume level is used.


There are different ways to start the editor for a song.

Using the Music Manager or the Song List Editor, select the song to edit, then select the Edit button.

In the player, when the song is playing or has just been played, select the Edit menu item, then select Edit Current for the currently playing song or Edit Previous for the previously played song.

Or also in the player, select the song in the music queue, select the Edit menu item, and then the Edit Selected selection.

Song Editor

In the song editor, change the Volume Adjustment slider to set the volume increase or decrease for that song. Note that this is not a volume setting, but a relative adjustment to make the volume for the song lower or higher. Select the Save button to save the changes, then select the Exit button. The music player will not pick up the changes to the song until it is stopped and started again.


When the song is played in the music player, the volume selection will show the volume adjustment next to the current volume setting. In this example, a (+6) is displayed, the volume is set to 30% and the actual volume will be set to 36%. Note that the volume cannot be adjusted to more than 100% or less than 0%.

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