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     1== Web Server ==
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     3''(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.5)''
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     6''The web server allows a mobile device to control BallroomDJ''
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     10The BallroomDJ web server allows a mobile device or computer to control BallroomDJ using a web browser.
     12Enable the web server in ''Configuration / Options / Web Server''.  You should also change the ''Web User ID'' and ''Web Password''.
     14The web server is started when the music player is started. 
     15Start the player before trying this the first time.
     17On your mobile device, enter the URL displayed in ''Connection Information'' into your web browser.  The web browser will ask for the username and password.  Enter the username and password that are configured in BallroomDJ.
     19Once connected, the volume, play/pause, repeat, pause at end and speed of the song can be controlled.
     21This is a new feature as of 2017-6.  If you want additional functionality supported in the web server, please submit a support request or leave a message on the forum.
     23See Also:
     24[[br]][wiki:HowTo/Config/WebServer Configuration: Web Server]
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     30'''''Configuration / Options / Web Server '''''
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     35'''''Browser Authentication'''''
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     40'''''BallroomDJ Web Server Display in Browser'''''