How to Help Improve BallroomDJ

  • Create bug reports. Found a problem? Something you tried did not work as expected? You can post problems in the forum, create a new ticket ( in the issue tracker or use the support function. Posting in the forum will require that you create a forum account.
  • Feedback. Is something in BallroomDJ hard to use? Hard to understand? Is there something you do in BallroomDJ that should be easier? Anything that annoys you each time you use it? Do you think the user interface can be improved in certain areas? Post a message in the forum, create a new ticket ( or use the support function.
  • New Features. Is there something you want to be able to do in BallroomDJ? Is it a feature that would improve the program overall and would be useful to other users of BallroomDJ? Post a message in the forum, create a new ticket ( or use the support function.
  • User Interface. There are many different ways of designing user interfaces and many ways to accomplish the same task. If you have suggestions on other designs for the BallroomDJ user interface, post a message in the forum, create a new ticket ( or use the support function.
  • Wiki. Want to write or improve the documentation on the wiki? Want to add a "Use Case" that worked out well for you? This will require that you register an account in the wiki. After registering the account, e-mail me requesting that you be added as an editor for the wiki.
  • Localization. BallroomDJ is fully localizable. I need translators to create more translations for BallroomDJ. Use the BallroomDJ on CrowdIn invitation link to get started. Volunteers are also needed to maintain and keep translations up to date.
  • Support. This project is written, tested and documented by myself. Any monetary support is welcome. Tell other people about the program. Add some positive feedback on the forum for others to see. Add the DJ Powered by BallroomDJ logo to your website (see the Powered By Logo section in the README.txt file).
  • Testing. There is always a need to test features of BallroomDJ. Unfortunately, I have not yet written automated tests for all areas of the program, and sometimes changes in a new release breaks certain features. If you can test any part or many parts of BallroomDJ and report back, I can always use the help.
  • Programming. There are (a lot of) tests to be written or improved, code to clean up, new features to work on, documentation to do. The code is written in Tcl/Tk, is cross-platform (windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Linux, Mac OS X) and I use mercurial as the source code revision control system.
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