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Installing BallroomDJ on Mac OS X

Install the Requisite Software


Use VLC version or later or version 2.1.5.


The Xcode command line utilities are needed for MacPorts.

For versions of Xcode prior to 8.0:

Install the Xcode command line utilities:
sudo xcode-select --install

For versions of Xcode 8.0 and later:

Install Xcode command line utilities from the Apple developer website:

All versions of Xcode:

Accept the Xcode license:
sudo xcodebuild -license


Other Utilities

Install the following using MacPorts:
sudo port install flac faad2 sox vorbis-tools ffmpeg

Install BallroomDJ

Open the BallroomDJ .pkg file to install BallroomDJ.


Installing BallroomDJ on the mac is wonky.

  • Sometimes it does an upgrade.
  • Sometimes it does a reinstall.
  • Sometimes it runs normally.

Why is a company with billions of cash not able to write a good installer.