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Installing BallroomDJ on Mac OS X

Install the Requisite Software


Currently, VLC 2.2.x does not work properly on Mac OS X. Install version 2.1.5.


Open a terminal and use the following commands:
sudo easy_install mutagen


Xcode is required to install the Xcode command line utilities, which are needed for MacPorts.

Install Xcode from the Mac App Store.

Install the Xcode command line utilities:
sudo xcode-select --install

Accept the Xcode license:
sudo xcodebuild -license


Other Utilities

Install the following using MacPorts:
sudo port install flac faad2 sox vorbis-tools imagemagick


sudo port install tcl
sudo port install tk +quartz

Install BallroomDJ

Open the BallroomDJ .pkg file to install BallroomDJ.


Installing BallroomDJ on the mac is wonky.

  • Sometimes it installs as root.
  • Sometimes it does an upgrade.
  • Sometimes it does a reinstall.
  • Sometimes it runs as the user and asks "install for me only?"
  • Sometimes it runs normally.

Why is a company with billions of cash not able to write a good installer.