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Installing BallroomDJ on Mac OS X

Install the Requisite Software


Currently, VLC 2.2.x does not work properly on Mac OS X. Install version 2.1.5.


Open a terminal and use the following commands:
sudo easy_install mutagen


Xcode is required to install the Xcode command line utilities, which are needed for MacPorts.

Install Xcode from the Mac App Store.

Install the Xcode command line utilities:
sudo xcode-select --install

Accept the Xcode license:
sudo xcodebuild -license


Other Utilities

Install the following using MacPorts:
sudo port install flac faad2 sox vorbis-tools imagemagick


This step is only necessary for versions prior to version 3.0.6. Starting with version 3.0.6 and later, Tcl and Tk are included with BallroomDJ.

sudo port install tcl
sudo port install tk +quartz

Install BallroomDJ

Open the BallroomDJ .pkg file to install BallroomDJ.


Installing BallroomDJ on the mac is wonky.

  • Sometimes it installs as root.
  • Sometimes it does an upgrade.
  • Sometimes it does a reinstall.
  • Sometimes it runs as the user and asks "install for me only?"
  • Sometimes it runs normally.

Why is a company with billions of cash not able to write a good installer.