Create a Manual Playlist and Play It

(Updated 2016-11; BallroomDJ version 3.3.7)

To create a manual playlist, first select Edit Song Lists from the main menu. If the Music Manager tab is still open from the previous step, the song list editor will not open.

When the load song list dialog is displayed, select New Song List, and then enter a name for your song list and press the Enter key.

Switch to the Song Selection tab and select Filter to get a list of songs. Select the songs to be added to the manual playlist in the song selection tab, and select the Select button. The selected songs are added to the song list. Switch to the Song List tab to view the song list.

A manual playlist with the same name will automatically be created to use the new song list.

Now select Player in the main menu. Two tabs will open: Player and Playlist Queue. The Marquee window will also open. First the Playlist Queue tab is used. Select the name you created in the drop-down. Select Add -->, then select Start.

To exit the player, select the player tab, then select the close button on the tab or use the close menu selection.

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