Configure the BallroomDJ Folders

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.4)

BallroomDJ needs to know where to find the audio files and where to place temporary files.

Select Configuration from the main menu. Select Options from the configuration menu.

To set the Music Folder, use the browse button (green folder icon) to select where your audio files are located.

Similarly, make sure the Temporary Files folder is correct.

The following settings do not need to be set up to get started with BallroomDJ.

The Deleted Files folder is used to store audio files that are deleted from within BallroomDJ.

The Archived Files folder is used for synchronization between computers.

The Original Files folder is used to save the original audio file when a Normalize Volume, Trim Silence or Apply Adjustments function is used.

Close the options tab when finished.

Next Step: Configure How the Audio Files are Organized


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