Configure How the Audio Files are Organized

(Updated 2017-3; BallroomDJ version 3.8.1)

In order to build a good database, BallroomDJ first checks the audio file tags and uses those if possible. If the audio files don't have any tags, BallroomDJ can use the pathname of the audio files to help determine the song's dance, artist, title, etc.

Since there is no Dance tag in most tag editors, sometimes the dance is stored in the Genre tag in the audio file. If this is how your audio files are set up, select Configuration from the main menu, select Options from the configuration menu, then select the Audio Files tab. The Database Loads Dance From Genre selection should be turned on.

If you don't know if the Genre tag has the dance saved in it, leave this setting turned off.

Configuration / Options / Audio Files

Close the Options tab and select Organization from the configuration menu. Check the Standard Path to see if it matches your audio file organization. If it does not, select the Edit button.

Select the organization path matching your audio file organization from the Common Paths drop-down. If your audio files have no particular organization, select the {TITLE} selection from the Common Paths drop-down.

If your audio file structure has no real organizational structure, select {TITLE} from the Common Paths drop-down.

When finished, close the Organization tab.

For many ballroom DJs, the audio files are simply organized by dance, such as Waltz\Nocturne.mp3 In this case, the organization is Dance\Title. Another example could be Michael Bublé\it's a beautiful day, a Artist\Title organization.

Other audio file organizations may have a more complicated structure. ( BallroomDJ supports these, the setup is not listed here ).

Some common organization paths might be:

ExampleOrganization Path
Nocturne.mp3 {TITLE}
Waltz\Nocturne.mp3 {DANCE\}{TITLE}
Waltz\Secret Garden\Nocturne.mp3 {DANCE\}{ARTIST\}{TITLE}
Waltz_Nocturne.mp3 {DANCE_}{TITLE}
Nocturne - Waltz.mp3 {TITLE}{ - DANCE}
Secret Garden\Nocturne.mp3 {ARTIST\}{TITLE}
Soundtrack\Secret Garden\Waltz - Nocturne.mp3 {GENRE\}{ARTIST\}{DANCE - }{TITLE}

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