Google Drive - Using BallroomDJ with a Synchronized Folder

(Updated 2017-7; BallroomDJ version 3.13.4)

Configuration / Options / Global

Google Drive can create a folder on your computer that is synchronized between cloud storage and multiple computers.

Installation: The Google Drive synchronization does not handle a file that gets removed and then replaced very well. When installing, select "No, keep previous installations", and then "No" for the "completely remove" question. This will overwrite the existing BallroomDJ installation without running the uninstaller first.

When running BallroomDJ from a synchronized folder such as Google Drive on multiple computers, care must be taken to only modify the database on a single computer.

On the computers that should not modify the database, go to Configuration / Options / Global and turn off Allow Editing of Songs. This will prevent any computer other than the main computer from changing the database.

Also note that when BallroomDJ is installed, it installs mutagen on the local computer. When you upgrade BallroomDJ, you should re-install it on every computer to make sure any mutagen updates are applied.

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