(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.5)

Automatic Save

With version 3, your work is automatically saved. Simply make your changes and then go on to your next task. The song list editor, sequence editor and file manager have undo menu selections in case a mistake is made.

The exception is the song editor. In the song editor, select the Save button to save your changes.



In most cases, BallroomDJ will open a new tab to display the user interface for the selected operation. The tab may be closed by selecting the Close menu selection in the upper left corner or by selecting the close icon in the tab itself.

When all tabs are closed, an Exit menu selection is displayed.

To close all tabs and exit the program, use the usual "close window" button that your computer provides.

Change & Error Bars

Change & Error Bars

When an improper or invalid entry is made, a red error bar will be displayed under or near the entry field.

In the song list editor, a green change bar is displayed underneath fields that have been changed.

Placing the mouse over the field with the error will display a tooltip with an error message.

Toggle Switches



Toggle switches are used in many places to turn on or enable certain features of ballroomdj. Simply click on the toggle switch to turn it on or off. When off, it will display a red X symbol. When on, it will display a green checkmark.

Resizing Displays

Size Grip

In some cases, the display within the notebook tab can be re-sized by using the size grip in the lower right corner.

The size grip may be difficult to see depending on the theme and color of the display. As seen in the image, the size grip on Windows displays is particularly hard to see.

Some displays will only allow resizing of the width, some only allow resizing the height, and some allow both width and height.

The size grip can be found in the File Manager, Player History, Song List Editor, Song Editor and many of the configuration options.

Once resized, BallroomDJ will remember and restore the size setting.

Main Menu

Main Menu

The main menu can be hidden by clicking on the vertical grey bar to its right. This can be useful when working with the music manager or song list editor and you want to display more columns of data.

To redisplay the main menu, click on the vertical grey bar again.

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