Where to Submit Problem Reports

Found a problem? Is BallroomDJ crashing or popping up error messages? Having trouble making something work? Describe the problem here.
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Where to Submit Problem Reports

Post by bll » Wed Dec 17, 2014 3:19 pm

Need help installing, setting up, getting started or understanding a particular feature?

The best place is here on the BallroomDJ forums (requires registration). You can ask for installation help, help solving problems, or how to accomplish your Ballroom DJ needs.

You can also open a ticket for any issues you would like to see resolved (registration code is two eight nine seven).

From within BallroomDJ 3.10.5 or later, you can close all the tabs, select Support, and use the support screen to send a message. This requires an internet connection.

On the main ​web page, select the support tab, and enter a support request there.